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"The therapist and the staff are extremely knowledgable, friendly and they are helping me to recover fast; accurate and highly reliable. I highly recommend this facility"
Jun 02, 2022

Here’s what our patients had to say about us on our patient survey.

What did we do well with your care?

  • “Physicians Choice Physical Therapy diagnosed my problems and assigned a course of therapy with exercises (with take home illustrations) to continue on my own.”
  • “Quick, efficient and on-time appointments. Effective and simple techniques for pain control. Subtle, easy, effective exercise regimen. Transformed real concern about my physical condition into optimism… put me back in control of my body.”
  • “Physicians Choice Physical Therapy addressed the issues as they appeared during therapy, great excercises, honesty and caring, professional and personal approach.”
  • “Physicians Choice Physical Therapy really listened; they treated each complaint (which I had a bunch!) with respect.”
  • “Schedueling, consistency, providing me with a plan to keep strengthening the muscles that were weak. Thanks!”

What could we have done better?

  • “Can’t really think of anything. I was completely satisfied.”