Postural Training

How Many times did your mother tell you not to slouch? Most of us slouch most of the time – sitting at the computer, driving, eating, watching TV, lifting the kids – most of our daily activities take place in front of our body and not behind which leads us to even worse posture. Aches and pains that result from bad posture are considered chronic injuries because they developed over long period of time.

Symptoms may include headaches, neck pain, shoulder/elbow/wrist pain, numbness and tingling in the arms, pain and burning sensation between the shoulder blades and TMJ. Even some cases of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are actually a result of bad posture.

Again, just like in chronic injuries, the body adjusts itself, which usually leads to the middle part of the spine (the Thoracic Spine) becoming very stiff. The patient may find that a bent forward position feels normal, that the muscles in the back of the neck are tight; the chest muscles and the muscles between the shoulder blades may be over-stretched and weak. This combination is the root cause of all the symptoms.

Treatment should include hands-on work to mobilize stiff joints and stretch tight muscles. Additionally, treatment should include posture re-education and exercises to support the new posture and to strengthen the area between the shoulder blades for increased stability.

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